• THINK Communication was founded in 1995. It has experienced continuous growth for more than two decades and been awarded 3A1 certification by D&B (Dun & Bradstreet).
  • THINK Communication is dedicated in providing professional services mainly for healthcare industry, as well as IT and FMCG industries. THINK is one of the largest healthcare communication company in China market. The headquarter of THINK is in Shanghai, with branch offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and New York.
  • THINK’s core businesses include conference/exhibition/event management, digital marketing, medical communication, and public relations.
  • THINK has won excellent reputation from many multinationals by providing good value in its services to clients.

Positioning of THINK

Pioneer of the era of Marcomm. 2.0

  • Chinese market is changing rapidly, so as market communications, which has moved from a traditional era 1.0 to a highly-integrated era 2.0.
  • THINK has been devoting its efforts to become long-term strategic partner of leading players, especially pharmaceutical companies, through its pioneering and innovative thinking and practice.
  • THINK collaborates with governmental authorities and professional societies to provide integrated and innovative services in CEE, digital marketing, and medical communication. THINK’s services not only help to promote products and brands, but also facilitate business growth of its clients.

Values of THINK

  • Focusing on results and maximizing value
  • Integrated communications to provide best service
  • Continuous improvement to pursue perfection
  • Delivering above and beyond and winning together

  • Conference/Exhibition/Event

    THINK provides 3-in-1 services including creative & planning, execution & management, and production. It can manage both external & internal events:


  • Summit/symposium
  • Seminar
  • Webinar
  • Product launch event
  • Press conference
  • Tech conference
  • Annual industrial conference
  • Opening ceremony
  • Performance/road show
  • Internal

  • Annual meeting
  • Annual sales meeting
  • Family day
  • Team building
  • Digital Marketing

  • Digital tools development(APP/Wechat/EDM/EDA)
  • Website construction & opimization (website & CRM)
  • Telemarketing
  • Online investigation & training
  • Large webinar planning & execution
  • Video creative & production
  • Online event management & communications through social media
  • VR
  • THINK has an independent digital marketing department & experienced technical team, capable of providing developing and maintenance services across multiple platforms. THINK is thus able to deliver completely integrated digital marketing services and technical support to clients.
    Medical Communications
    Medical slides
    • DRT slides
    • Scientific meeting slides
    • Int’l conference slides
    • Product DA
    • Product/disease eDA
    • Leaflet
    • Q&A
    Literature bank
    • Building literature bank for individual indication or a product using resources such as PubMed
    Internal training booklet
    • Disease knowledge
    • Product info
    • Competitor info
    • Response to negative feedback
    Guideline / consensus analysis
    • Outline development
    • vidence grading & recommendation level
    • Content development
    • Publication assistance
    • Questionnaire design focusing on indication or prescription behavior
    • Data collection
    • Data analysis
    • Reporting
    Patient education
    • Patient concern investigation
    • Plain language disease / product information
    • Promotional materials for patients

    Public Relations

    • Brand communication and management
    • Media monitoring and analysis
    • Media relationship management
    • News planning and content development
    • Crisis and issues management

    Address: Room 301, No.351, Zhaohua Road,
    Changning District, Shanghai
    ZIP Code: 200050
    Tel:86 21-3220 0065
    Address:Unit J, No.48
    Dongzhimenwai Avenue, Dongcheng
    District, Beijing
    ZIP Code:100027
    Tel:86 10-8447 6191
    Address: Room 204, South Zhixin Road,
    Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
    ZIP Code: 510062
    Tel: 13922239495
    New York
    Address:287 Lowell Ave.Floral Park
    ZIP Code:11001
    Tel:001 516-603-2919
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